Overseas Business Department of Biogrowing got a complete success at the world pharmaceutical exhibition (CPhl)

Release time:2018-01-04

CPhl is a large-scale, high-level and most famous trade show for the pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates industry. It is held annually in Europe, Japan, India and South America. The exhibitors and visitors are spread across five continents.Exhibition brings together the pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, accessories, pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical products and other related industries suppliers, it is the pharmaceutical industry event, this CphI held in Germany.

The biogrowing group debut at 90G95NEP booth, and the display products include: Probiotics powder, probiotic capsules, probiotic yogurt powder, powder raw materials, agricultural probiotic products.

During the exhibition, new and old customers from all over the world gathered to express their strong interest and preliminary cooperation intention for R & D of R & D products and technologies. The demand of convenient probiotics for women and children was very high. Biogrowing can provide professional market guidance, product supply chain and a full range of technical support to solve all the customer worries!