Company Introduction

BioGrowing Probiotics, wide applications



(BioGrowing is a group company built on 2006, only dedicated for probiotic business, starting from brand probiotic formulations in China market in 1990s, now BioGrowing expanded our business scope from supplement formulations to dairy, functional foods, agriculture probiotics, in based on our application platform comprised by three probiotic production factories.
Business footprints include China domestic and global (more than 40 countries) are covering:
(1)Probiotic strains in bulk
(2)Probiotic blends/premix
(3)Probiotic formulations in bulk
(4)Probiotic formulations in private labels
(5)Probiotic food programs, like bakery, drinks, snack foods etc.
(6)Dairy starter cultures (for yoghurt, yoghurt drink, sour cream, cottage cheese, soft cheese etc)
(7)Home-made products, like home-made yoghurt cultures, home-made yoghurt powder, homemade pickled vegetables etc.
Agriculture probiotics: pets' foods, feed additives, dried-fed microbial (DFMs), silage and soybean meal starters etc.)。